A Scientist Bio: Bruce D. Walker

Posted on: June 3, 2011

Today I found out about a pretty cool guy who has been doing reserach for AIDS/HIV to find a cure for it, and I realized that I still needed to do a little bio on a scientist in order to complete my blog. So here we go!

Bruce D. Walker, who happens to be an M.D, and a physician-scientest trying to combat aids, is currently leading a study and research adventure in order to “to understand how some rare people who are infected with HIV but have never been treated can fight the virus with their immune system.”. Dr. Walker also created a line of clinical and research facilities over in South Africa where

Since at medical school in 1980, he saw his first patient every with AIDS, but nobody had classified the illness yet- so he didn’t know what it was. But by the end of 1981, research had found that, indeed- AIDS/HIV destroys the CD4 T cells that help to body to stay strong from illnesses and diseases.

AIDS has only gotten worse, currently more than 40,000 new cases of HIV occur in the United States every year. And now, the epidemic has taken a turn for the worst in Africa, where almost 5.5 million people currently have HIV.

Bruce D. Walker has been able to find various strategies and ways that the virus uses to kill off immune cells. He also “has studied, on a small scale, how certain infected people can evade viral destruction. At Massachusetts General Hospital, he directs the Partners AIDS Research Center, a research, education, and training program that aims to enhance clinical care of HIV-infected persons internationally, and to develop new ways to fight HIV.”

An article on him also states that:

“After more than 25 years battling AIDS, Walker remains optimistic. He hopes his research will finally lead to a vaccine and better treatments. He also hopes his work in South Africa will continue to prevent new infections and allow infected people there to live fruitful lives, lives that otherwise would have ended prematurely.”

What a cool guy. Check out this article to learn even more about him.


Love, Peace, and Hair Grease.



Source, http://www.hhmi.org/research/investigators/walkerbd_bio.html


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